Do you take commissions?
Yes, if my schedule permits.  Digital commissions can be arranged most of the time. For traditional, physical commissions, I sometimes open specific lists with limited slots at certain times of the year. Subscribe to my news letter to be notified for these. E-mail me any time for availability. 

Do you take on client work?
Yes. Most of my time, currently, is taken up by client work. I am working towards producing more personal content. To support that, I'll be launching a Patreon very soon. It will be small at first but the goal is to grow it enough to afford more time for personal projects. If you're interested in supporting me this way, subscribe to my newsletter for when it fully launches. 

What tools do you use?
For my digital art: a 12.9 iPad Pro & Apple Pencil. I'm also teaching myself Blender. For my traditional art: mechanical 0.7mm pencil & 2B lead; alcohol; fineliners; Copic markers; Faber Castell Polychromos coloured pencils; sometimes watercolour or bottled ink. Paper: Bristol Board, Hahnemuehle Nostalgie; LANA VANGUARD (or ANY Hahnehmuele or LANA paper; I love these brands). I also like to use paper with some tooth to it.

Are your prints lightfast?
All my prints are are archival quality, printed with lightfast inks. I use a range of high-quality Hahnemuele papers for both my standard and limited prints. The reproductions are fantastically close to the original and beautiful objects in their own rights. 

What do you do in comics?
I started with a few small indie projects, drawing and colouring some short stories.  Now, I mostly colour for publishers. I like colouring and will keep doing it. However, I want to be drawing more: both covers and either short stories or one-offs.

Do you do your own comics?
I am working on two graphic novels and a separate IP for children whenever I can. I'll be developing that on Patreon and really hoping to push it and be able to afford the time for it this year. 

Do you accept returns/refunds/cancellations?
Unfortunately, I am not able to; all sales are final. Most of my products are made to order and I do my best to ensure quality. For damaged items and further information, please have a look at my Returns policy. If you have any questions, e-mail me to discuss.